Win The Northwood’s Treasures Baskets

Men’s Basket – $350 – Value WINNER Michelle R. of Eagle River, WI

Eagle River Roasters                          Mug with $25 Gift Card

Eagle River VFW                                 Hamburgers for Two Gift Certificate

Loona’s Nest                                       Metal Coasters & Cheaters

mBank                                                 Oven Mitt

People’s State Bank                          Grill, Cooler, Bag and Water Bottle

Prime Choice Meat Market              $25 Gift Certificate & Spices

Ripco Credit Union                            $25 Ace Gift Card

River Valley Bank                               Mug with Coffee & Piggy Bank

Shotskis                                               Bottle of Vodka

Smuggler’s Lounge                            Jar of Mustard Sauce

Trig’s                                                      Brat Package

The Paint Bucket                                $75 Gift Certificate










Women’s Basket – $475 value – WINNER Heidi M of Eagle River, WI

Arrow Gift Shop                                    Socks & Snaps Headband

Beehive Salon                                        EVO Shampoo & Conditioner & spray

Cin Cin                                                     $10 Gift Certificate

Eagle River VFW                                      Fish Fry Gift Certificate for two

Eddie B’s                                                 $10 Gift Certificate

Fredrick’s Corner Shoppe                      Bag, Hat, Air Cooler, pillow, Towel, & Thermal Glass & Cozy

Jen’s Dinky Diner                                     $10 Gift Card

Jen’s Dinky Diner/Club 45                       $10 Gift Card

Lehner/Stephan                                       Necklace

Pick n’ Save                                               $25 Gift Card

River Valley Bank                                    Mug w/Coffee

Riverstone Restaurant                          Pinot Noir Wine & Napkins

Salon & Spa on Railroad                      $25 Gift Card

Synergy Salon & Spa                            Gift Cert. Hair Cut w/Kathryn

The Vibe Salon                                      Haircut, Style, Shampoo & Conditioner

Walk About Paddle & Apparel           2 pairs of Earrings

Wall St. Pharmacy                              Celine Dione Cologne



Children’s Basket – $300 Value – WINNER Amanda H. of Ashland, WI

The Country Store                    Boxed Set of 700 Baseball Cards

Dairy Queen                              Ice Cream Cake Gift Certificate

Grandma’s Toy Box                  Eye Seek Game, Dragon Hugger, $10 Gift Certificate

The Hiker Box                           Kid’s CamelBak

Jen’s Dinky Diner/Club 45       $10 Gift Card

KC’S Lost Now Found               $20 Gift Certificate

mBank                                      Jar of Candy Bars

Moccasin Shop                         Stuffed Animal & Dream Catcher

My Wife’s Addiction                American Doll Bed w/case, purse & shoes

Lucy’s Lunchbox                       $10 Gift Certificate

Lyn’s Antiques                         $20 Pick n’ Save Card

Tremblay’s                                1 lb Fudge










Hiker Box Basket – $535 Value – WINNER Darlene G. of Eagle River, WI

The Hiker Box                                          $25 Gift Certificate

Big Agnes Whetstone Shelter

2 Grand Trunk Hammocks

2 Grand Trunk Hammock Straps

GSI 1L Vacuum Thermos

Luci Light Flameless Candle



Animal Lovers Basket – $325 Value – WINNER Sheryl P of Eagle River, WI

Buck Shots                                $20 gift Card

Dr. John’s Dog & Cat Repair   Pet Odor Scented Candle

Eagle River Animal Hospital    Bandana, Cloth Bag, Ice Melt, Scoop, Thermal Mug, Treats, Clip,

Collars, Pens, & Tick Remover

Fountain Blu                             4 pc Set of Woven Baskets

Great North Bank                     $100 Chamber Bucks

Jen’s Dinky Diner/Club 45       $10 Gift Card

Pick n’ Save                               $25 Gift Card

Pink Coyote                              Woven Tray

River Valley Bank                     Bag Chair

Tractor Supply                          LG. Bird Feeder & Bag of Bird Seed









General Basket – $345 Value – WINNER Karen T. of Eagle River, WI

The Blend                                             Bag of Coffee and Lunch for 2 Certificate

Eddie B’s White Spruce                      $10 Gift Certificate

Eagle River VFW                                 Certificates for Gyros for two

Fredricks Corner Shoppe                 Hammock, Cooling Towel

Forever Young Bike & Ski                 Bike Helmet & Water Bottle

Grandma’s Toy Box                           $10 Gift Certificate

KC’S Lost Now Found                        $20 Gift Certificate

Lyn’s Antiques                                     $20 Pick n Save Gift Card

mBank                                                  Scentsy Candle with Extra Light & Melts

Pink Coyote                                         Woven Tray

River Valley Bank                                2 Mugs w/Coffee, Cloth Bag & Piggy Bank

Riverstone Restaurant                       Roasted Grape Seed Oil

Shopko                                                 $25 Gift Card

Wall St Pharmacy                               Celine Dion Cologne & Sample Cologne

WRJO                                                    $50 Gas Card