About ERBA


Since 1986, the Downtown Businesses joined together and formed the Downtown Business Association (DBA). We are now the Eagle River Business Association (ERBA) and the only change is to help promote businesses within the city limits of Eagle River through:

Planning and implementing events that benefit businesses within the city limits of Eagle River.
Cooperative marketing, as well as, reinforcing visibility among businesses within the city limits
Supporting local Chamber events and promotions.

Community Commitment

ERBA continues to be active in both revitalizing downtown Eagle River and events that affect the greater community as a whole.

Past contributions include purchasing and maintaining trash cans, promoting the Main Street Program, Veterans’ Day recognition, organizing a Katrina Relief Benefit (raising over $26,000), Flags & Flowers, 4th of July Fireworks, Citizens for the Park, Christmas Decorations, publishing an Eagle River Sesquicentennial Calendar, coordinating Eagle River’s Christmas event, and supporting Relay for Life.

Questions you may have…

Benefits of Membership
Our alliance is made up of enthusiastic and conscientious business owners, retailers, merchants, bankers, city officials and other organizations who share a commitment to our unique community.

If I already belong to the Chamber, why should I join the ERBA?
Our goals are somewhat different. The Chamber gets the word out and brings tourists to the area. Once the people come, ERBA’s focus is to get them to enjoy their experience within the city limits.

How can I help if I don’t have time to volunteer?
Downtown merchants are frequently asked by tourists to recommend places to shop, dine, get their hair done, get their car fixed—just to name a few. By joining ERBA, you become a part of this merchant network.

Does ERBA get involved in city activities and issues?
Absolutely! An ERBA member does attend City Council, Chamber, and Main Street meetings that affect the merchants and local economy.

What do the dues pay for?
The dues help pay for hosting downtown activities, which ultimately help bring customers to your business!

Please remember this is your community and we need a prosperous downtown for our visitors and local residents.